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Joy is Easy in the Morning

Look at the light of the sunrise. Look at and notice the color and quality of the light. Is not joy easy when you do this, breathing deeply and being glad to be alive?

A fresh day. A new start.

Remember what it was like when you were new to having answered the call from Jesus? Can you see and experience how mornings can be an echo of that? How morning rising resonated with New Life? The more you are willing to notice this – the more joy you will experience.

How much wonder can you be full of? Wondering what will happen today…what you will experience, what today will be like?

When you give thanks for your day and the day to come, your joy will only increase. You can even give thanks right now. Name three to five things you can be thankful for. The more it is an effort, the more joy you will feel after having done this.

Praytalk to God about what you are thankful for. Now listen to what he has to say to you. You connect to God more closely, and you have more joy. The closer you connect to God, the more easily will joy come to you and stay with you.

You can have joy in the morning. Joy is easy in the morning!

This is easy. It’s kind of fun! It sure is better than being joyless!

You can have joy in the morning. Joy is easy in the morning!

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