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Minister Before You Minister

Jesus would create a context where ministry could take place, and he often did this first. Before he did what people recognized as his official acts of ministering to the needs of particular people.

For instance, he would preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God and often instructed us to do this and then heal the sick and free the bound.

He would ask questions such as, “Do you want to be healed?

He would clear a room, maybe even a house, of people without faith for raising the dead – before raising the dead.

He would tell stories, parables. He would teach.

As a coach, teacher, leader, father, husband – in many roles and ways, I have noticed that the context seems to limit and control what can happen. If what is happening is not sufficiently good, re-create the context.

He created a context for ministry, with Holy Spirit, and you can, too.

Hearing God Holy Spirit Learning

Follow Holy Spirit and Improvise?

How do you start a small business successfully, minister successfully when the unexpected happens, adapt to changes in the classroom or with a family member – and deal with other situations no one can figure out in advance?

(I know small businesses are told to use linear business plans like large businesses, and this works out well only in certain instances. That’s another story.)

You improvise. Or follow Holy Spirit. Or best of all, do both!

How do you give a prophecy? Often, by opening your mouth and starting. Follow Holy Spirit.

How do you follow Holy Spirit?

  • One or two steps at a time. Discover, then walk more. Like moving in the dark with a candle.
  • In a non-linear way. You cannot figure it out in advance.
  • God loves to give us wonderful surprises!
  • God seems to make it up for you as you go along.

How do you Improvise? Here’s a start:

  • Agree. Don’t say, “No”. Don’t block what is going on.
  • Do something new, add to the action.
  • Don’t ask open ended questions.
  • Focus on the hear and now.
  • Establish where you are.
  • Be specific and add details.
  • Do something different – change!
  • Make it up as you go along, following in flow with your partner.

Make it up as you go alone. Pay attention and add something specific and clear. Focus on the here and now, being where you are. Be specific. Add something different!

You cannot work for linear plans to do improvisation. They just won’t work. Respond to what is in front of you, one step at a time. You cannot figure it out in advance.

Notice the similarity?

When following Holy Spirit, learn about and then forget the “rules” of improvisation. See how it goes, what you can learn, how you can do even better next time.

Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep listening and paying attention. Act on what you are learning, seeing and hearing.

I believe this is what Jesus did:

6who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, 7but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, [and] being made in the likeness of men

You will be successful when you follow Holy Spirit and are willing to improvise.

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Rest and Dream

Rest and dream. Be inspired. Like Jesus.

Artwork by Greg Olson

Pause. Just rest and watch the sky.

Holy Spirit Worship

Holy Spirit Leading – Insight from a Worship Leader

Jasper Wa Musungu Were (Gasper were) is on Facebook and is a Worship Leader in Kenya.

I asked him about his insights about worship. He said something significant, and I’m looking forward to when he says more.

Worship has different levels, he told me. When I asked about this, he said that sometimes Holy Spirit takes over the worship, at which time it goes to a higher level.

This makes sense. It’s important. In just a few words, he’s telling us something important. You can take an activity to a new and higher, better level when Holy Spirit inspires and leads – and when we are following Holy Spirit well.

This is especially valuable when we let Holy Spirit guide and lead our worship.

In Galations 5:16-23, Scripture encourages us to walk in line with, meaning to follow, Holy Spirit. When we follow Holy Spirit – letting Holy Spirit lead us – we experience Fruit of the Spirit.

So worship goes to an additional level when we invite Holy Spirit to take over and lead.

Fruit of the Spirit, including love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control is ours when we follow Holy Spirit in life.

Jesus gave us Holy Spirit as a Guide and Comforter. Holy Spirit reminds us of what Jesus taught, and points us towards and teaches us more about Jesus. Inspires us and brings us revelation.

What else can you accomplish in your life when you invite Holy Spirit? When you follow Holy Spirit? When you let Holy Spirit take over and lead?

Fire Holy Spirit Joy Shaking

Fear not because of Shaking or Fire

Life is good! Fear not because of shaking or fire.

These are times of great shaking. That which can be shaken and removed, will be shaken and removed. That which can be cleansed or refined by fire, will be cleansed and refined.

Times of shaking and fire such as are now happening are hard, and scary, too. It is hard and scary, and will be for a while. Then it change comes. So persist. And there is another side to what is happening, too easy to miss when times are hard and scary. We are getting a foretaste of something wonderful.

In fact, we are already in getting a taste of heaven on earth. A foretaste, if you will:

  • God is already with us and in us; we are his people.
  • We have been being prepared as his Bride, and
  • When we experience God in us, with us or near us, even now, we have no suffering – even where there has been pain. Our Lord fills us with joy.
  • He has baptised us with refining fire, and we are, even now, being shaken. So it’s important to know what to do.
  • As usual, when we have heard God and do as he says, we and our works survive cleansing and refining – fire and shaking.

We can and will survive cleansing and shaking as we do as Holy Spirit says to us. We are already God’s people, and Immanuel is with us, Holy Spirit is in us, and when we follow Holy Spirit, we have Fruit of the Spirit – including love and joy. We experience love and joy!

Life is good! Fear not because of shaking or fire.

Let me show you, and make the case for this being true.

~ ~ ~

First, what is coming, and what I believe we already have access to a foretaste of:

All Things Made New

21 Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea. Then I, [a]John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said [b]to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.” (NKJV, Revelation 21: 1-5.)

What glorious and wonderful promises God makes to us! He will make all things new and dwell with us and we will be his people. New Jerusalem is “prepared as a bride for her husband”. He will be our God. No more pain….

How are all things made new? What happens first? I don’t really know, but here’s what makes sense to me. First, not everything lasts or survives.

What lasts? That which survives fire or shaking.

There are many biblical examples of fire for refining mentioned in scripture. And the baptism by Jesus mentioned in Luke 3:16-17 promises not only Holy Spirit, but also fire for cleansing.

16 John answered, saying to all, “I indeed baptize you with water; but One mightier than I is coming, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. 17 His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather the wheat into His barn; but the chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire.” NKJV, Luke 3:16-17.

The effects of such fire reminds me of shaking, where things that can be shaken will be shaken. What survives shaking lasts, as seen in Hebrews 12: 25 See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, 26 whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I [k]shake not only the earth, but also heaven.” 27 Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. (NKJV)

What survives fire and shaking?

We who listen to and do as God says! You and your works are much more likely to survive shaking and cleansing, even survive refining – when we have heard God and do as he says. (If this isn’t clear, review Hebrews 12 above, the first verse, verse 25.)

These are times of great shaking. That which can be shaken and removed, will be shaken and removed. That which can be cleansed or refined by fire, will be cleansed and refined.

I think we are already in process to get a taste of this. A foretaste, if you will:

  • God is already with us and in us; we are his people.
  • We have been being prepared as his Bride, and
  • When we experience God in us, with us or near us, even now, we have no suffering. Our Lord fills us with joy.
  • He has baptised us with refining fire, and we are, even now, being shaken.
  • As usual, when we have heard God and do as he says, we and our works survive cleansing and refining – fire and shaking.

We can and will survive cleansing and shaking as we do what Holy Spirit says to us. We are already God’s people, and Immanuel is with us, Holy Spirit is in us, and when we follow Holy Spirit we have fruit of the Spirit including love and joy.

Life is good! Fear not because of shaking or fire.

Hearing God Holy Spirit Joy

Letting Happiness Reign

Yesterday an excellent friend and ministry partner, Debi Mealey Pitcairn Flory,, reminded me I had not let happiness loose in her sight very much, lately. She was especially glad to see me letting loose with fun and happiness while we talked.

I didn’t recognize it then, but she was resonating with and saying what Holy Spirit was saying…. A very important thing.

Then, this morning, all of my three large dogs came to see me, very excited. Usually this means we should go out where I can watch them play – like children on a merry-go-round, they love to be watched when playing. It’s somehow very important.

I did something better, because in my mind’s eye I could clearly see D’s face and hear what she said to me yesterday. So I moved from computer and desk where the dogs cannot have good access to me to a nearby small couch. Now all three doggies can crowd around.

So I sang to them, using their names; telling them how good they are – all things they love. We played. Touched, tagged, and rubbed up against each other. I sometimes grabbed necks and kissed faces – right between the eyes.

They danced with happiness, and I let joy reign.

Later, while walking around (I recently stopped using aids to walk unless tired) I danced for the dogs! (I’d been doing what I call “chair dancing” for a while to Renaissance Dance and other delightful dance music, but I had not stood to dance in years.) Today I danced, standing. The dogs love it when I stand and dance. Go figure! <grinning>

All because of an excellent reminder from a brilliant friend!

How might you be a grand friend to someone today? How might you let happiness reign and rule for a while, magnificently, in your life?

What does Holy Spirit have to say to a friend of yours that you can agree with and say out loud? (You can ask and find out. A fine thing for you to be doing!)

Getting Help Holy Spirit Joy

Bootstrap as Holy Spirit

I have a friend, Debi Mealey Pitcairn Flory,, who just inspired me with a previously unknown Name for Holy Spirit.

Like some wounded people, I thought I was doing stuff by myself, for myself. I believed no one else was helping me.

She had pulled herself up by her bootstrap many times. As I have done, though I did not use the word “bootstrap”. We each thought we were doing things by ourselves, for ourselves, and were caught in the illusion that we had been alone, doing what needed to be done.

I have made a wonderful discovery. My friend pulled back the curtain on this issue for me. Opened the curtain to show what I had never noticed before.

When I had thought I was doing stuff for myself because I had to and no one else was there to help me, Bootstrap was already there – has always been here. Helping me – Bootstrap is a Helper, not a “Do it for you-er”. Bootstrap, Holy Spirit, was always already present and helping.

I have discovered I was never alone. Holy Spirit has always been here, helping, including helping me to do things – even when I thought I was alone.

Holy Spirit was always here, sent by Jesus – to help guide and comfort me. To help.

Father sent Jesus, and is with me and for me, cheering me on like any wonderful father, as I keep on trying. Certain that I can do all the wonderful things I am made to grow into and do. I can do it! I can do it! He is cheering me on, always. He knew from before the beginning and has always had excellent plans for me.

A big thanks to my friend, Debi Mealey Pitcairn Flory,, for uncovering this mystery. And to Bootstrap, who has helped make all this possible.

Healing Holy Spirit Joy Kingdom of God Pain

You Are Restored

Life has wounded you – too many times! You hurt inside, because we live in a broken world. A world full of many kinds of trouble.

Jesus has restored you. Completely. Will you take joy in this?

If you live in the Kingdom of God, this is already true for you: you have been and are completely restored. In fact, you’ve even been made better than you were before.

If you do not yet live in the Kingdom of God, begin now. It’s a simple thing once you hear it and when the truth of it resonates deeply in you.

Then you discover that Jesus has actually already restored you. A wonderful discovery for you to make.

This is just a fact. But, for you to experience this as fully and completely as you can, there is a condition:

You trust, rely and really depend on your Restoration more than you trust and depend on old injuries. You trust Jesus more than you trust the Adversary or in a horribly broken world. And more than you trust old injuries.

Will you do this? (You may have habits of trusting injuries and brokenness more than your Restoration to Wholeness and Joy.)

Want some hints on how to do this even better? I’m glad you asked. Here are some especially uncomplicated ways to accomplish this (life is easy when you are doing these things – hard when you do not). Try them one at a time and discover which you are best at, which is most easy and effective for you.

  • Follow or walk in line with Holy Spirit. You will experience Fruit of the Spirit, including love and joy. (See Galations 5:16-25.)
  • Be full of Holy Spirit. Ask for more and receive by faith.
  • Put the right standing with God and the Kingdom of God first. This will re-align all your values in the present moment, and you will be much more in tune with the Kingdom of God.
  • Love God with all your heart, soul and strength. Allow God’s love for you to spill over to others.
  • Trust God and resist evil. In fact, draw closer to God and resist evil: a simple two direction move that will give you freedom and joy!

When you are experiencing God – as Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father – or all of these Persons of the Trinity – and you realize that Jesus is near (that’s why one of his names is Immanuel – God with us), or realize that Holy Spirit actually already lives inside of you, or how much Father loves you and has had good plans for you before the beginning – when you realize and rejoice in the nearness of God or God’s life already in you — life is easier, joyful and you are whole.

Your New Person, created by God as you came into the Kingdom, is already whole and complete and fully restored. Experience this! It’s a glorious way to live.

It is your Old Self that has the wounds and injuries. (Not you.) This is who died when you were born again. Don’t you dare live out of your dead Old Self when you can live out of your resurrected New Person!

Your New Person has no wounds. Your New Person – the real and alive “you” already has Holy Spirit – your Comforter, Guide and your Advocate for when you are being accused.

You have been completely restored, and more. Rejoice! (It’s a choice. An outstanding choice! Don’t be tricked by habits or a broken world or by the devil into living out of injuries that aren’t even alive – aren’t even really yours any more.)

Rejoice! A most excellent way to be living!

Holy Spirit Intercession Ministry Miracles

A Secret to Powerful Ministry

There are a few secrets to powerful ministry. This is one.

I am surprised & delighted at how many powerful ministries do this.

When I remember to get this done, even a little, my ministry is stronger, better, more powerful. I am more gifted and smarter. The people I serve pull out the best in me so well they help me do my best – better than I knew I could do. I learn a lot through the people I am ministering to.

It’s simple. Prayer support. The more prayer support the better!

Here are some ideas about how to do this:

  • Jesus sent people in pairs to minister, and he gave us this standard. You minister with someone else; this is how you normally do ministry with the standard set by Jesus. So while one talks, the other prays – for the person ministering. That Holy Spirit inspires and helps.
  • When you go somewhere to minister, have your personal and ministry intercessor teams pray for you and your ministry. You and your family are more safe when prayed for. Ministry is more powerful, effective and inspired when you prayed for.
  • At a place of ministry, have intercessors. Always, always, always have a ministry prayer team. If no one else, have your ministry partner pray. Add people who are there already. Even non-believers. (Doing this plants powerful seeds in non-believers.)
  • When teaching in a local church or elsewhere, ask some to intercede for you. Ask everyone to pray for you also, that you minister with more inspiration, love and power.

Many of us expect that intercessors should pray for the person being ministered to. My experience and that of some I’ve learned from tells me it’s most effective that the power of prayer goes through you to the person being ministered to. Explore this and find out for yourself.

Healing Holy Spirit Jesus Preaching Journal Key Article Kingdom of God Ministry

The Gospel Process

There is a process to the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that Jesus teaches.

This process makes ministering with power, faith and love – easier. Knowing this process, you are more than clear about what to do next. Also, how to help someone take that next step.

I call this The Gospel Process.

The Gospel Process underlies the structure of how Jesus Ministered. He taught the Good News of the Kingdom of God. But preaching or teaching that Gospel is not the underlying process, although it uses that process. He often taught us to heal in that context. A context which changed the atmosphere, told an essential truth confirmed in listeners by Holy Spirit. Creating the atmosphere of the Anointed, his Anointing, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you want to minister more like Jesus, learn The Gospel Process and put it to work when you minister. When your ministry has been successful, you are probably already applying this process.

Like so much of what Jesus teaches & shows, this can work explicitly or implicitly. (You can look for and notice how he did this in Scriptures. You can learn a lot, especially if this is new to you and when you are ready to learn.)

Ministering healing and freeing people from unclean spirits is much more simple and easy when you understand The Gospel Process and allow it to work in and through your ministry.

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God taught in the shortest form in your bible is in Mark 1:15:

Now is the time, the Kingdom of God is at hand (within reach); repent (make a new and better God-oriented, Kingdom oriented decision) and believe (rely, trust, and depend upon the Kingdom of God – and our King).

This scripture reveals the process when you read and meditate on this description. The process looks something like this:

  • (Hear the Word of God, because faith comes by such hearing, with the help of Holy Spirit confirming that truth to our spirit: have faith!)
  • Now. The time has finally come, and the time is now. (No other time is available; only now.)
  • The time – a Kairos moment, a Divine Appointment, if you will accept it being said this way.
  • Make a new decision, turning from your old life and orienting totally around the King and the Kingdom (rule) of God.
  • Believe and trust in the King and his Kingdom.

Now…notice especially the actions, the inner actions of the person hearing and acting on this:

  • Hear God’s Word and choose faith.
  • Make a new decision that totally turns around your life. Turning away from how you’ve been to orienting completely towards your new and alternative way of living – towards the King and his Kingdom.
  • Trusts and believe in God and his Kingdom.

Put those inner actions together and you have a process.

The same process that underlies and is The Gospel Process:

  • Hear God’s word and choose to trust it, having faith. (Sometimes this is done implicitly, and that’s another article)
  • In healing, a person at some deep level decides to be healed, to accept healing. Like the hemorrhaging woman who was so determined to touch the hem of the garments of Jesus (his fringes, or tallis) and receive healing: bringing her faith into contact with his Anointing. Her determination was so single minded and great that it reminds me of the being single and not double minded as in James 1. She already had great faith and determination. (From an experiential point of view, it’s hard to tell any difference between great determination and faith.)
  • In exorcism, like the man who ran to the feet of Jesus before a legion of demons could overcome and prevent him, he ran to Jesus and fell at his feet. He already wanted to be freed! Jesus then used his authority and power (which he gave to his disciples and to us) to tell Legion to leave, and even how to leave.

In healing – with the help of Holy Spirit, faith, love, power and authority – already given by Jesus, we encourage and help someone decide to be healed (or decide to receive healing).

In exorcism, or freeing someone from one or more unclean spirits – with the help of Holy Spirit, faith, love, power and authority – already given by Jesus, we encourage and help someone decide to be freed healed (or decide to receive freedom).


+In each case (healing or exorcism) we create an atmosphere of faith and the experience of the Presence of God (with Holy Spirit and by saying what God says so Holy Spirit can confirm this to the spirit of the person being helped) for God’s work to happen.

+We help or encourage them to make a new decision, orienting around God’s truth instead of orienting around their previous problems.

+To trust, rely on and believe in this new Kingdom of God reality. That is, to believe.

=This, put together, is The Gospel Process. It’s the same process that undergirds the Preaching or Teaching of the Good News of the Kingdom of God, and that works in creating a context for ministering healing or freedom.

I believe this is also true for cleansing lepers (a kind of healing, in my view) and for raising the dead – though I have not yet done these two things. I’m convinced that it’s the same Gospel Process at work.

Oh – and I did not yet mention that this same process undergirds the making of disciples. Again and again – from the first decision to follow Jesus and do what he said, to deciding to receive and act on every other moment of teaching.

The Gospel Process undergirds the entire (every step of) the Great Commission as in Matthew 28!

Now…review this. Follow the links and review what’s written on this page. And pray – talk with and listen to God. And meditate.

Get personal revelation about this through Holy Spirit. Write that revelation in your Journal. Whether it’s a Prayer Journal like mine, or any other journal for this. And if you do not have one, please start one.

And get your own personal revelation and insight on this. Then be a real disciple – apply what you are learning. And as you make other disciples or help disciple other disciples (or as you disciple each other) – share this and help them have their own revelation of this, too. And encourage them to apply what they are learning in their ministry.

Disciples perhaps for generations – and those healed or set free – will be glad for such powerful and effective ministry. Even if they do not know all the details of what happened and how you ministered with power, faith and with love.