I am passionate about the notion that doing what Jesus actually taught and demonstrated is wonderful. There has been a lot of teaching over the years that relies on human tradition rather than what scripture says. Too many of us read scriptures through a framework of what we’ve been taught – an overlay of sorts that can make a fresh look at what is so simple – harder to see.

Following the actual directions is much easier, simpler and more effective than trying to follow what so many of us have been taught.

Look at what Jesus modeled & demonstrated for us, along with the words he used. Many of us notice the words and overlook what he demonstrated. Both are needed.

I was told in cook school, when all else fails, follow the recipe. Similarly, if you’re not getting the results that Jesus and the early Apostles had – it’s a good idea to follow the directions given in word and action.

This is what I intend to share with you. Let’s learn to follow the directions Jesus taught and demonstrated.

Let’s learn to minister more like Jesus.