When is it that Miracles are More Likely to Happen?

When faith comes into contact with the Anointing (or with Jesus Christ – Jesus the Anointed).

Jesus spoke not infrequently about how a person’s faith was what resulted in the healing or other miracle that was needed.  He put it into words.

Jesus demonstrated and modeled how it’s when faith comes into contact with the Anointing, that’s the moment when faith became active and resulted in what was needed.

When is it that Miracles are most likely to Happen?

When faith comes into contact with the Anointing.

Scriptural examples abound.

Jesus talked about the value of faith – how “it was your faith that….”  (Hint – look this up to find examples.  If you have not bible software look it up in Google or another good search engine.  Be amazed at what you find.  Search engines are great for bible research.)

Jesus demonstrated, modeled and provided the Anointing, that when brought into contact with faith, so often results in healing.

The hemorrhaging woman. The Centurions younger one – and that was contact at a distance by faith with the Anointed One and his Anointing.

There are many other examples.  Go, find some, be amazed and inspired by Holy Spirit.  Learn about this.

And when you want a miracle, bring your faith into contact with the Anointing!


Learn to Minister more like Jesus.

You can learn to minister more like Jesus.

Announce the Good News of the Kingdom of God which is literally within reach — always. Heal the sick, free the bound, and make disciples of all people groups.

Make disciples who multiply.

I am thinking this is what I will probably add, so come back and look:

What the Good News that Jesus actually preached is and what it means – which is different than what the Apostles did after Jesus Ascended – both versions of the Gospel are needed. When miracles are likely to happen and how to simplify so much of what has been taught. How to heal the sick, free the bound, and how to make disciples of all kinds of people – disciples who multiply. The approach to evangelism and missionary work that Jesus taught that is overlooked by most today, making the work much harder and finances extremely difficult.

There will be more, of course; but this is what I’m understanding that is already needed.

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