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Hi!  I'm David Burnet, The Business Renovator.

Have me Renovate or Buy Your Business.

Do you love your business?  How are your profits?

Have me Help You:

  • Renovate Your Business, Restore Profitability & Cash Flow
  • Restore the Dream behind Your Business
  • Prepare to Sell for Your Best Price - Cash or Income
  • Or - have me buy Your Business.

If you prefer, you can have me help you evaluate your business idea, your strategy, or your entire business. Learn how I can provide you with key steps to take to renovate and restore your business to profitability and  fun.

It's not just your business -- it's your life.

Just contact me.  I'm David A. Burnet, (717) 382-8002, or Email me 

There is no obligation - so contact me, size me up, and discover how good a match I am for you.

If we are a good match, we ought to do business.

The Business Renovator Program -- Sell it - or Make it Your Dream Business

  • Exit Strategy that's Profitable
  • Prepare Your Business for Highest Selling Price
  • Or Turn Your Present Business back into Your Dream Business and Keep it.

The Business Renovator - Sell it - or Make it Your Dream Business

 Have me help you evaluate your business, renovate it, or sell it.  Call (717) 382-8002, or Email.

How much will working with me cost you?  I don't know, not without knowing about your business, your situation, and what you want.

An investment in a good Business Renovation ought to earn you far more than it costs you - and be an investment, not just a "cost".

Where are all the other web pages, with articles, long sales copy, testimonials, and interactive Internet activities?  Without these, how will you evaluate me and know if you're interested? 


You know what I offer, at least enough to know if you're interested in learning more. 

If you are interested, then contact me so you can:

  1. Size me up for yourself.
  2. Give me a chance to get to know you, your situation, your goals and your business.
  3. Discover if we're a good match.

If we're a good match - we ought to do business.

Call me - I'm David Burnet - at (717) 382-8002 or Email me.